Hi there. My name is Anna and I am part-owner of Serenity in Potters Bar.

Myself and Emily opened Serenity in February 2015, after previously working with each other for 8 years, both in salon & freelancing.

We are both very passionate about the industry and feel there are a lot of beauty salons that just want your money rather than your continued custom. We work extremely hard to provide high quality treatments to our clients whilst also ensuring our clients receive the correct advise for each treatment they have, advising the correct aftercare, ensuring they are suitable for the treatment and if they aren’t recommending what would be best for them.

Working in the industry for over 10 years, I have treated so many clients who have been mis-sold treatments, had their eyelashes ruined, had their nails destroyed, had semi permanent makeup disasters, endured awful waxing procedures, been burnt by hot stones, had half their eyebrow waxed off due to negligence of their therapist and wrong advice given pre and post procedure.

SO…..this is where I came up with my blog title of “what your beauty therapist doesn’t tell you.’

I want to bring back your confidence in beauty therapist as their are many of us that strive to provide you with perfection (or close to it) and to also pass on my knowledge to you on what your therapist SHOULD be advising you even though many do not.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog

Anna x