LipoContrast DUO Fat Freezing

Lipocontrast Duo is the most advanced body contouring system available today. The latest clinically proven fat reducing system is now combined with the latest advances in technology, bringing DUO site treatment ability to the world of body contouring.

LipoContrast DUO is the evolution of Cryolipolysis, using a triple thermal shock of the fat cells without damage to any other tissue. Benefits include

  • Freezes fat cells in stubborn areas, eliminating up to 30% in just one treatment.
  • Faster and more superior fat reduction compared with normal cryolipolysis procedures due to liquidising the fat cells
  • Increased effectiveness on fibrous fat & cellulite

After the LipoContrast treatment, some fat cells will disable immediately while others will eliminate within a few weeks, showing full results in just 4 weeks. Depending on the area to be treated, 1-3 sessions will be necessary with a 4 week interval between.

Areas We Can Treat

  • Upper & Lower Abdomen
  • Obliques
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Gynaecomastia


We require you to attend a LipoContrast consultation free of charge before booking your treatment. This allows us to advise the best treatment plan for you.


What's included in the consulatation?

At your consultation, we will go through the following:

  • Medical history to ensure you are suitable for the treatment
  • Treatment explanation & expected outcomes
  • Amount of treatment needed for your problem area

Please note: We are unable to give you a cost/amount of areas over the phone as this is a personalised treatment suited to each individual. Treatments can only be booked in after your consultation & cannot be on the same day.


Consultation (Redeemable against your treatment)£25
1 Area£190
2 Areas £250
4 Areas£450


LipoContrast Cellulite Treatment

Our LipoContrast machine has an additional function enabling us to treat cellulite and help to lift & tone the legs & buttocks. Using an additional hand piece which uses heat combined with a strong suction in the area, we can manipulate, soften & defibrose cellulite without traumatising the deeper layers of tissue. The applicator acts like a drainage massage to remove the cellulite and soften and break down fatty areas, leaving smoother legs and lifted, firmer buttocks.



30 Mins£60.00
Course of 6£300
Course of 10£450

(Initial course sessions will require 2-3 treatments a week for maximum results)