What you need to know about your lash extensions

Lash extensions have been around for many years, starting with original techniques of one lash per lash, to now the very popular ‘Russian’ layering lashes. Which ever type of lash extension you chose to go for, there are a couple of key things to bare in mind when having them done.

Firstly, I know that the idea of lash extensions to many people mean longer, thicker, fuller lashes than you already have. Yes, you can achieve this look but your Lash technician should only be applying lashes which are a 3rd longer than your original lashes. As well as this, the thickness of the Lash extension used should be determined by your own lash thickness. Both these factors, if chosen correctly by your Lash Technician will determine the longevity of your lash extensions and also, more importantly the condition that your own lashes will be after you remove the extensions.

If your technician applies too long and/or too thick lash extensions, there will be too much weight on your original lashes causing your natural lashes to fall out. This will therefore mean your lash extensions become gappy much quicker but more importantly it will cause your natural lash to be pulled out before it is naturally ready to shed. If this is continually done then your natural lashes may eventually not grow back at all (rather like waxing hair where it is pulled from the root continually, causing the root of the hair to be killed)

Your lash technician SHOULD assess your lashes at the start of the procedure and advise you on what is best for you to ensure your lashes are kept in the best possible condition while having the extensions. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve a thicker, fuller look if you have shorter thinner lashes.

Secondly, your lash extension appointment should be no quicker than 1.5 hours including consultation. If your lash technician is selling themselves as being ‘super quick 45 mins’ or using ‘the fastest drying glue’ what they are most likely doing, from my experience of correcting others work, is sticking more than one lash on each lash and also not allowing the glue to dry between application causing the lashes to ‘clump’ together. Over weighing the lashes will again cause them to fall out before they should. And if lashes ‘clump’ together this could cause numerous lashes to fall out at once, creating large bald areas. Your professional lash technician SHOULD be applying roughly 3-5 individual lashes per eye, alternating in between to allow the glue to dry sufficiently.

Above is an example of lashes that have been rushed and clumped together. (This is not my work)

Lastly, Maintenance, cleaning you lashes and removal. 

I advise all my clients to have regular maintenance to keep their lashes looking fuller and also so I can keep an eye on the original lashes and advise when the client needs to remove and give their lashes a rest. 

You should also clean the eye area regularly with a wash off cleanser/make up remover. If you do not you will get a build up of dead skin cells and dirt on the lash line which can lead to eye infections. If your lashes are applied correctly, getting water on them (24 hours after application) will not cause them to fall out but will definitely leave you with a clean healthy lash line.

If I feel the client should remove the lashes and have a break, I will advise them to do so and once lashes are removed, to use a conditioning serum on their lashes. The hairs of our eyelashes are the same as the hair on our head – we condition our head hair to add strength and moisture to it so the same should apply to your natural lashes.

I hope this blog helps anyone who has experienced bad lash application the confidence to try them again. With the right technician, application and maintenance you can achieve great lashes that wont ruin your own.

Anna x

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